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Project ONCE
Web Formation Web Formation

Fibrix creates precision-crafted nonwoven fiber webs using the latest garnett and carding technology. With more than 50 years of experience, we’re able to produce custom solutions to our clients’ nonwoven requirements.

Fiber Blends Fiber Blends

We use high-quality staple fibers to create custom fiber blends designed to meet each client’s unique needs. We continuously strive to produce cost-effective and environmentally sustainable solutions to polyester nonwovens with extensive experience in recycled fibers.

Bonding Bonding

Our custom solutions include a wide range of fiber bonding methods, including thermal- and resin-bonding technologies. These capabilities allow us to produce durable nonwovens with enhanced hydrophobic, flame resistance, and other properties.

Fabrication Fabrication

We proudly offer our customers custom fabrication services, including in-line and offline pattern-cutting solutions. Powered by CAD/CAM software for precision results, our fabrication capabilities ensure each nonwoven component meets requirements and specifications.

Specialty Applications Specialty Applications

When our customers need special applications, such as lamination and odor-neutralizing additives, they know they can trust Fibrix to produce high-quality components on time and within budget. Our teams of dedicated professionals work closely with each customer to develop cost-effective solutions to their nonwoven needs.

Products You Use.

Fibrix has built a reputation for dependability in quality. As a trusted supplier of high-quality nonwoven components, our products are used across a vast range of residential and commercial applications. Our nonwoven components are used throughout diverse markets, from mattress cores and pillows to specialized automotive nonwovens.

The Most Trusted Name in Nonwovens.

Mountain Mist
Buffalo Snow
BB Satin Star

Generations of quilters trust Mountain Mist’s soft, durable, quilt batting and fiberfill products to provide a lifetime of warmth and comfort.

40 years of creating lasting memories of winter wonderlands, Christmas magic, and festive cheer with snow flurries, snow blankets, and more.

Trusted by equine enthusiasts everywhere, BB Satin Star is the Industry Standard in leg wraps for horses.